Pre Enrolment is an award winning custom software web application.

A Pre Enrolment online induction system allows construction site teams and workers to get onto site safer and sooner. Pre Enrolment is offered as a tailored, bespoke service that can digitise processes and integrate software into a single centralised system.
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For operatives...

Prior to arrival on site, workers complete the online induction remotely on any device.

During this process, workers securely enter their own information, watch videos and answer questions specific to their role on site.

Credentials construction workers upload (e.g. CSCS cards), are automatically verified against the CSCS and CITB database to ensure their validity.

Workers complete Pre Enrolment at set intervals (e.g. 12 months).

For site teams...

On site inductions can take at least one hour every day on all construction sites.

Site teams use Pre Enrolment to verify workers have completed the induction process. They save time by no longer having to deliver a full health and safety induction and collect information from workers.

Additional functionality can provide site teams with further benefits. Pre Enrolment can be expanded to collect information needed for reports and it can also digitise other paper based processes, ensuring data is secure and more processing time is saved.

For contractors...

Data is stored in one centralised location. All Pre Enrolment systems are secure and GDPR compliant.

Contractors, and their clients, have assurances that sites are safe. Pre Enrolment provides a digital record verifying that only those who have understood the Health and Safety induction and have the right credentials can go on site.

By digitising processes, a Pre Enrolment system saves both operatives and site teams time, therefore saving contractors money.

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Every Pre Enrolment system that Colonel Duck develops is different and provides bespoke levels of functionality and value.

Through a service-led approach, Colonel Duck will provide ongoing support and development tailored to a contractor's specific requirements.

This approach is advantageous over "off-the-shelf" products because it ensures the Pre Enrolment system works effectively for a contractor and their needs. It also ensures that the system is future-proof. The service enables continued development so new functionality can be added as and when a contractor requires it.

Pre Enrolment is more than just an online induction system.

A Pre Enrolment system can be developed to feature functionality such as delivery management, observations, reporting and access system integration. Pre Enrolment has the capacity to be developed into a full contractor management system.

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