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Pre Enrolment - fully integrated biometric access control system

We fully integrated a bespoke health and safety online induction system with construction contractor Sweet Construct’s existing biometric access control system. We did this using Pre Enrolment; an application of our flexible service-led approach and custom software.

The brief to fully integrate Pre Enrolment with an existing system

Having invested in their own turnstiles and acquired a biometric access control system, in 2018 construction contractor Sweet Construct approached us, as both a software and creative agency, to build a bespoke, online induction system. Sweet Construct wanted to utilise our flexible service-led approach to develop a tailored web application using custom software, which could be fully integrated.

The main requirement was to centralise the data from all of Sweet Construct’s workers in a singe location. This would automate the verification of workers’ credentials and streamline the process of reviewing of submitted information. Sweet Construct wanted to make it easier and quicker to accurately determine whether or not a construction worker should be allowed access to site.

Sweet Construct needed a bespoke Pre Enrolment system that would communicate seamlessly with their biometric access control system. As soon as a construction worker became either valid or invalid to work on site, they would need to granted or denied access through the turnstiles. For example, if a construction worker’s skills card expired, they would need to be automatically, and immediately, denied access by the web application.

The approach to provide online inductions and biometric access control

The approach we took with Sweet Construct was two-fold. We had to understand their specific health and safety induction and data gathering processes. We also needed to determine the best way of fully integrating an online induction system with their biometric access control system to provide a seamless, fully integrated experience for the end user.

The key to a successful, fully integrated Pre Enrolment solution, in this instance, was keeping the approach simple. Allowing or denying access for a construction worker was achieved simply by adding or removing them from a table in the biometric access control system. This meant that we could keep the user interface simple; all access control mechanisms were taken care of in in back-end of the web application.

The solution provided by a custom software and creative agency

Launched in 2019, 'Sweet Enrolment' was the first Pre Enrolment system tailored to fully integrate with a biometric access control system. Applying a flexible service-led approach, we developed additional functionality using custom software for the online induction system. This, for example, allowed the site teams to issue yellow and red ‘cards’ to construction workers who had behaved unsafely on site.

This allowed the site teams to instantly block certain construction workers from accessing site, helping to mitigate some health and safety risks.

The added value the bespoke service of Pre Enrolment provided

By providing a flexible service-led approach, understanding and working to fully integrate with Sweet Construct’s biometric access control system, we were able to record each time that a construction worker used the turnstile on site to either ‘enter’ or ‘exit’. From this we were able to produce timesheets and accurately calculate the number of hours the each construction worker (and in turn each subcontractor) spends on site.

These timesheets were used to accurately determine hours worked with the potential to automatically generated into reports tailored to Sweet Construct’s requirements. In addition to accurately recording the hours each construction worker spends on site, the web application is also able to calculate their CO2 vehicle emissions from the data captured.

What our client said about Sweet Construct’s custom software service

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