Robertson Group – Pre Enrolment

Pre Enrolment - tailored to meet requirements, including KPI reporting

Construction contractor Robertson Group utilised our flexible service-led approach to build a bespoke Pre Enrolment system. We provided services as both a software and creative agency to meet their needs and requirements, including carrying out KPI reporting.

The brief to develop a bespoke online induction system to report KPIs

An opportunity with Robertson Group was identified to develop a bespoke online induction system, with KPI reporting capabilities, for three of their flagship construction projects. Delivered through the SCAPE framework, each construction project had specific health and safety and KPI reporting requirements, which required a significant amount of data to be collected and processed.

The approach to provide a custom software service to Robertson Group

Working with the three project teams, we provided a flexible service-led approach to develop a survey for collecting the needs and requirements for a custom software, online induction system, with KPI reporting capabilities, from across the entire organisation.

We discussed how Pre Enrolment could be tailored to add specific value. This provided the information required to develop a bespoke Pre Enrolment system to meet the objectives of Robertson Group as a whole.

This was also critical in helping us distinguish between group requirements and specific project needs, making the system more streamlined for the end user.

The solution to use custom software to tailor a Pre Enrolment system

Feedback from project teams indicated some of the problems they faced using other online induction system products, which were not able to be tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Working to collate and analyse the feedback from the future users, plans for a bespoke delivery management function were drawn up. These new features would allow accurate scheduling of deliveries, communicate relevant site-specific information for drivers, as well as verify the material and health and safety requirements for each delivery.

‘MyRobertson’ was launched after six months of research and development. As a result of our flexible service-led approach, the web application achieved the original brief of being a bespoke online induction system with KPI reporting capabilities. The custom software was then evolved and developed further, delivering immediate value for each business and increasing operational savings as each paper-based process or schedule was digitised.

The added value provided by our flexible approach and Pre Enrolment

The MyRobertson web application we developed, began from our basic Pre Enrolment system. This allowed us to launch the system after a relatively short period, but still allowed for the solution to be developed into the future as custom software, tailored for Robertson Group. This bears testament to our flexible service-led approach.

When originally launched, Robertson Group’s Pre Enrolment system allowed each project team from the three flagship construction projects to greatly improve the efficiency of their health and safety inductions and meet their KPI reporting requirements. Instead of forcing people to adapt to a new system, we adapted a system to match their processes.

What our client said about Robertson Group’s Pre Enrolment system

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