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A custom Pre Enrolment system is developed for every construction contractor.

The core of the system is simple to use and easy to understand. The power of the system is that it is highly extensible; new functionality can be added, digitising more processes in the future.

An iterative approach focusing on 'Changing often, not changing big'

This approach ensures longevity by developing a system that is not only usable by a contractor's people, but a system that they want to use.

Firstly, introducing new functionality sequentially presents users with a manageable amount of change at any one time. Secondly, opportunities to incorporate feedback are created, keeping users involved and providing the best solution.

Incremental steps reduces risk, and makes changes easy

Improvements and additions to the system will be identified through regular discussion and will reflect a contractor's priorities.

Each incremental step will build on or complement previous functionality, evolving the custom Pre Enrolment system to provide increasing value and benefit to the contractor, their people and supply chain.

Pre Enrolment is a custom system that grows with a construction contractor, digitalising processes. Through continued development, the system can be adapted to offer more than just online inductions and has the capacity to be developed into a full contractor management system.

Incorporating feedback

At least 10% of the time in each quarterly development schedule will be set aside for reviewing feedback. User feedback provides the best perspective for ensuring that relevant, useful functionality is developed.

Listening to feedback also makes users feel involved, keeping them engaged. This will help produce the best possible solution that benefits a contractor.

New functionality will be developed in phases, each consisting of the following four stages:


Best practice will be established by examining a contractors current processes.


The new functionality will be designed and users will be notified of what it will allow them to do.


The new functionality will be built and tested for release on the system.


The new functionality and resource materials (e.g. User Guides and FAQs) will be released.



Every custom Pre Enrolment online induction system is delivered in four steps.

  • Confirm the information that will be collected from workers, prior to their arrival on a site.

  • Review requirements for induction content to be produced – Colonel Duck can produce induction video content if required.

  • Based on the induction content, draw up a list of questions for workers to answer.

  • The system will be built to the specification outlined during the design. The build will include thorough testing and refinement of the system.

  • APIs will be incorporated to automatically verify the validity of competency cards and accreditations (e.g. a system can automatically verify CSCS cards using the CITB and CSCS Go Smart databases).

  • Once ready to launch, ‘How-to’ guides will be produced.

  • Automated emails to provide completion confirmation, card expiry and renewal reminders will be written.

  • A series of FAQs will be produced to provide immediate answers to the most common questions.

  • A live demonstration of the system can be provided to the site teams, if required.

  • We will continue to support contractors and their users. A dedicated email Helpdesk will be set up to answer queries about using the system.

  • We will provide a fully serviced and managed system. We will upload a contractors induction content, and any later iterations, advising and assisting with all changes.

  • As technologies are updated, the system will be maintained and upgraded for the duration of the service. This will ensure that the system remains available 24/7.

  • As and when new requirements are identified, our service will develop and evolve the system.

  • Feedback will be gathered from a selection of users every 6 months. This will form the basis for any further evolution of the system with new features and functions.



Bespoke doesn’t have to mean expensive.

The pricing of our custom online induction systems are tailored to each individual system.

Pre Enrolment is priced as an ongoing service fee. There are no upfront development costs and your service fee includes ongoing management and development.

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