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Pre Enrolment - digitising both on site & health and safety processes

Our flexible service-led approach moved construction contractor Bourne Group away from an online induction system product to a custom software approach. As a software and creative agency we were able to digitise both their on site and their health and safety processes.

The brief for a software and creative agency to digitise processes

Before approaching Colonel Duck in early 2020, construction contractor Bourne Group used an online induction system ‘product’ for 12 months. The product fell short of expectations, failing to deliver on what had been promised.

Bourne Group approached Colonel Duck looking for a bespoke, custom software solution. They wanted a tailored service that was also cost effective. Pre Enrolment was the ideal solution; a GDPR compliant, online induction system that would digitise Bourne Group’s existing processes and evolve and develop with their changing needs and requirements.

The approach taken to replace a product with a custom software service

Working closely with the Group Development Director, and the health and safety team, we drew out the existing on site processes. We then considered how best to digitise these processes, with a view to both maximise automation and distribute the administrative responsibilities across the supply chain. The priority was to make the process as simple as possible for the end user, whether this was a construction worker on site, or an administrator verifying accounts.

We devised step-by-step user journeys and permissions that were unique to each user group.

This was done to ensure that everyone carried out all their responsibilities and remained fully compliant with their GDPR and health and safety policies. These step-by-step user journeys and permissions mitigated the risk of the user missing out relevant steps and/or being forced to complete non-applicable steps. It also lay a foundation for the future potential for a tailored induction process, dependent on the construction worker’s profession or role on site.

The solution of a Pre Enrolment system used to digitise site processes

After six months of custom software development, the web application ‘Bourne Ready’ was launched in 2020; a bespoke online induction system with reporting capabilities that digitised all existing on-site and health and safety processes.

This tailored Pre Enrolment system has the potential to grow and evolve with the construction contractor, digitising new processes with features and functions as new needs and requirements arise

The bespoke Bourne Ready web application is built around Bourne Group’s organisational structure. The individual companies that make up Bourne Group are listed on the system. The administrators for each company only have access to the digitised data for people who work in their company. Furthermore, administrators have restricted permissions to ensure that they only have access to relevant user data that they need to perform their role.

These permissions and restricted access not only ensure full compliance with GDPR, but also help prevent administrators becoming overwhelmed with data, features and functions that they do not need to use.

Administrators are not solely limited to Bourne Group employees. To distribute the administrative responsibilities across the supply chain, each supply chain company is able to access their own administrator panel. On this panel, each supply chain administrator has unique permissions that allow them to access to a table of all their employees. The information that each employee has uploaded during the online induction process can be reviewed and verified by the supply chain administrator.

All of the features of this solution were achieved through the use of custom software and the application of our flexible service-led approach.

The added value of site process digitisation using Pre Enrolment

Ensuring the accuracy of entered data was a key factor for Bourne Group; the consistency of a digitised dataset significantly affects its usability and makes it harder to ensure compliance with health and safety policies. We were able to achieve this through the simplification of the step-by-step user journeys. We added value by taking time to devise ways to minimise the amount of effort required on the user’s part to get it right.

One example of this is how we used custom software to link Bourne Ready with Bourne Group’s approved supply chain list. This means users of the web application simply need to select their employer from a drop down list. Choices, options and questions later on in the process are limited and predetermined by actions taken at the start. Pre Enrolment ensure the data collected is accurate and consistent by making it easy for the user.

What our client said about how Pre Enrolment works for Bourne Group

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